Thursday, April 11, 2013

Entrepreneurs seek policy clearance

Entrepreneurs across the country, today, asked finance minister Shankar Koirala to promote the tourism potential of their districts, upgrade airports located in different parts of the country, and regularise donation, besides seeking policy clearance regarding the jurisdiction of Armed Police Force (APF), Nepal Police and revenue offices as they have frequently misbehaved with entrepreneurs.
"The government should clarify the jurisdiction of APF, police and revenue offices as they have all been troubling entrepreneurs," they said at a 'Budget interaction', organised by the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) here today.
The next budget must promote 'One district, one product', chamber model of hydropower development, fast-track service cell, and measures to substitute imports, they suggested, adding that project-wise budget allocation is better for the development of the country.
The finance minister, asking entrepreneurs not to expect too much from the incumbent government, lauded the FNCCI agenda of hydropower development. "The country has been losing money by not exploiting the available water resources and purchasing petroleum products," he said, accepting that there are systemic and attitude problems, which he would try to correct.
Koirala also directed the finance and trade secretaries to take the suggestions of entrepreneurs seriously and provide better service to the public. "The government is ready to invest in areas that will help substitute imports," he added.
Koirala, answering the entrepreneurs, said that the donation terror is a by-product of political transition.

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