Friday, April 5, 2013

FNCCI to focus on energy development strategy

The private sector is planning to formulate a hydropower development strategy.
On the occasion of the 47th annual meeting, and Industry and Commerce Day-2013 on April 10, the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) will organise a brainstorming session on energy development as the country is passing through an acute power shortage and finalise the hydropower development strategy.
"The umbrella organisation of the private sector is trying its best to make political parties agree to a common economic agenda, especially for the development of hydropower," said FNCCI president Suraj Vaidya, here today.
The private sector is concerned about the prolonged political transition and instability, he said, adding that an economic agenda has to be given priority for the overall development of the country. "We will try to get written commitments from political leaders on hydropower development," he added.
Since long, political parties have been treating hydropower development as a political issue, whereas it is a commodity and needs to be exploited for the development of the country.
Vaidya added that political parties should lead the country towards prosperity and that without economic development, politics cannot be sustained.
The annual meeting with a theme 'Change for Development Starts now' will see various experts, who have vast experiences of hydropower development, from around the globe.
The first session of the annual meeting will witness an interaction on 'International Best Practices for Hydropower Development', where various experts including joint secretary at the ministry of commerce and industry, India Arvind Mehta, assistant president of China Three Gorges Corporation, China Dr Lu Guojun, and chief hydro expert at World Bank Jean Michael will address.
Similarly, in the second technical session there will be a brainstorming on 'Together for Hydropower Development in Nepal' by various national and international experts.

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