Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Envoy suggests to promote 3S to lure more Chinese tourists to Nepal

Newly appointed Chinese ambassador to Nepal Wu Chuntai urged Nepali tourism entrepreneurs to promote tourism in China to attract more visitors from the northern neighbour.
"The 3S — Sun, which implies for favourable climatic conditions of Nepal, Smile, which implies the kind and brotherhood attitude of Nepalis towards the Chinese and Siddhartha Gautama, who is the founder of Buddhism — can attract significant number of Chinese tourists to Nepal," he said, addressing the China-Nepal Tourism Exchange Programme organised by PATA Nepal Chapter here in the Valley.
Tai said that the promotional strategies like launching of documentary based on Nepal through CCTV and shooting of viable Chinese movie in the Nepali soil featuring popular Chinese actors are undergoing, which will draw more Chinese tourists to Nepal.
Besides he urged the Nepali entrepreneurs to highlight developing the required infrastructures to entertain the tourists. “The government of China would be interested in supporting Nepal to build the tourism infrastructure," he said, emphasising the necessity of more hotels and amenities at Pokhara and Lumbini as most of the Chinese are fascinated with these two places in Nepal.
The PATA Nepal Chapter chairman Suman Pandey, on the occasion, said that Nepal will welcome some 215,000 Chinese visitors by the end of 2015.
He also requested the newly appointed Chinese ambassador to help Nepal promote tourism in China and cooperate in ensuring the smooth cross border policies between the two friendly nations for the mutual benefits.
"The enhancements would be taken from the Chinese side to help Nepal meet its target of 215,000 Chinese visitors by 2015," he said, adding that tourism will not only help bonding between the two countries but also help Nepal's economy.
Likewise, officiating chief executive of Nepal Tourism Board Subash Niroula invited the private sector to come up with the vision and mission to develop tourism industry and drive it to a desired level.
Minister for Culture Tourism Civil Aviation Ram Kumar Shrestha, secretary at the ministry, the NATTO chairman Ashok Pokhrel and former secretary Dipendra Purush Dhakal also addressed the programme highlighting the necessity to attract more Chinese tourists to Nepal on the occasion.

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