Monday, April 1, 2013

Tourists arrivals drop by 2.1 per cent

Drop in visitor arrivals from South Asia — especially from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka — pulled the overall tourist arrivals by air down by 2.1 per cent in March compared to last March, according to the Immigration Office at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA).
The data compiled by Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) revealed that the tourist arrivals reached 62,442 with 2.1 per cent decline in March compared to the same month last year that had registered some 63,799 arrivals, it said, adding that the key market, South Asia, recorded negative growth of 33.8 per cent in March compared to last March, though China, one of the key tourists generating markets in recent years continued to post growth.
Arrivals from the Asia — other than SAARC region — registered positive growth of 20.4 per cent with China up by 35.7 per cent, Japan (up by 6.9 per cent), Malaysia (up by 122.3 per cent), Singapore (up by three per cent) and Thailand (up by 0.1 per cent).
Likewise, tourist Arrivals from European region also showed overall positive growth of 1.2 per cent with arrivals from major markets like the UK, France and the Netherlands up by 21 per cent, 18.6 per cent, and 8.3 per cent, respectively. But the arrivals from Germany, Switzerland Spain were down by 12.9 per cent, 48.8 per cent and 30.1 per cent, respectively compared to the same month last year, it added. "Tourist arrivals from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and USA have registered strong growths of 66.6 per cent, 26.4 per cent, 25.5  per cent and 17 per cent, respectively."
On the basis of arrivals of the first three months from January to March, Asia — except South Asian — contributes 28.1 per cent, followed by South Asia at 22.3 per cent, Europe 26.7 per cent, Oceania 4.1 per cent, Americas 10 per cent and others 8.8 per cent in the total tourist arrivals.
A total of 56,902 foreign tourists departed from TIA in March, whereas some 65,461 Nepalis arrived and 88,627 Nepalis departed from TIA in March.
Marketwise contribution
Asia (except South Asia) — 28.1 per cent
Europe — 26.7 per cent
South Asia — 22.3 per cent
Oceania — 4.1 per cent
Americas — 10 per cent
Others — 8.8 per cent
(Source: Nepal Tourism Board)

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