Saturday, March 30, 2013

TeliaSonera refutes allegations

TeliaSonera has refuted allegations related to the commercial relationship between Ncell and Nepal Satellite Telecom (NST).
"Recently, there have been a number of demonstrations targetting Ncell, falsely alleging it of a commercial relationship with NST, incorrectly ascribing to operational responsibility," the principal shareholder of Ncell said, adding that the allegations are totally unfounded and incorrect as a matter of law and fact.
"Ncell has not acquired NST and has no plans to do so nor does it intend to merge with or take over NST," it said, stressing that operational responsibility over NST’s activities lies with its own management and not with Ncell.
"TeliaSonera is in negotiations with shareholders of NST to evaluate consolidation opportunities pursuant to which a capital investment could be made by TeliaSonera in NST, enabling NST to provide faster and better service to its customers."
As is customary practice, while such negotiations are being conducted, confidentiality obligations are in place, which do not permit disclosure of the substance of these negotiations, but suffice it to say that if the current negotiations between TeliaSonera and NST are successfully concluded, both parties are committed to respecting employee and other contractual obligations in compliance to the law of the land, TeliaSonera added.
"Based on the facts, it is the earnest hope and desire of TeliaSonera and Ncell that the present demonstrations are halted immediately, as they are unfounded and disruptive and are impairing Ncell’s ability to continue providing uninterrupted quality telecommunication services to the people."

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