Sunday, March 24, 2013

FNCCI urges government to prioritise economic agenda

The Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) has urged the government to give priority to the economic agenda too.
The government must prioritise economic issues along with the election, FNCCI urged the chairman of the interim election council Khil Raj Regmi at a meeting held at the latter's office here today. The FNCCI team was led by its president Suraj Vaidya.
On the occasion, Vaidya urged Regmi to help create a labour friendly industrial environment, develop the energy sector, and formulate a development friendly budget.
"The election and economic development process should go hand-in-hand for the country's benefit," said Vaidya, seeking security for entrepreneurs, as in the recent days attacks on entrepreneurs have been increasing.
The private sector drew Regmi's attention to the recent attacks on hotelier BK Shrestha and telecom service provider Ncell.
Regmi, on the occasion, assured the private sector that the government would provide security to entrepreneurs and help create a better industrial environment with immediate reforms.
"The government will work on immediate issues," assured Regmi, adding that the election government cannot work on long-term issues. "However, the government will have a zero tolerance policy on security related issues for a free and fair election and people's security," he said, adding that the government is ready to take necessary steps to build a better environment for the election and sought the private sector's support.

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