Saturday, March 16, 2013

Airbus, NAC talks to continue

Talks between Airbus and Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) concluded today with promises to continue with the talks.
"Airbus might send a new price list based on the increased factory price of the aircraft within this week," according to a source at NAC that is in dire need of aircraft for international flights.
A two-member Airbus team that had visited Kathmandu for talks with NAC returned yesterday, promising to send the new price list, informed the source at the national flag carrier.
NAC had started talks with Airbus after the government gave it a green signal promising a guarantee.
Earlier, the discussion concentrated on the price of the aircraft as it has differed from the agreement signed in 2009 due to increased factory expenses.
In its first memorandum of understanding with Airbus in November 2009, NAC had planned to purchase one A330-200 wide-body and one A320 single-aisle aircraft. According to NAC's plan in 2009, it was preparing to start international services to Japan and Europe through direct flights.

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