Sunday, March 17, 2013

Entrepreneurs seek security; politicisation of criminal activities has increased impunity, hurt business confidence

Entrepreneurs today sought an assurance of security from the home minister after being repeatedly attacked physically.
A team of Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) led by its president Suraj Vaidya today met newly appointed home minister Madhav Ghimire and asked him to immediately book the criminals who have been repeatedly attacking entrepreneurs.
The team also briefed Ghimire of the current law and order situation, and urged him to take necessary action immediately. "Otherwise, it will be difficult for entrepreneurs to engage in business," they said, asking Ghimire to ensure the security of entrepreneurs, and stop the current trend of attacks on business people. "Politicisation of criminal activities has increased impunity in society and hurt business confidence. Entrepreneurs, who were till recently being terrorised due to forced donation drives, are now being physically assaulted."
Earlier, president of Nepal Bankers' Association Rajan Singh Bhandari had been attacked but the government has failed to book the criminals till date. "The morale of the criminals has been boosted after the government failed to book those who had assaulted Bhandari," they added.
On the occasion, the home minister assured entrepreneurs of security and asked them to continue with their businesses without any fear.
Meanwhile, speaking at an interaction in the valley today, entrepreneurs and economists blamed the government's apathy, politically-backed trade unions, and culture of donation terror for repeated assaults on entrepreneurs.
"Political parties have been protecting the assaulters," the entrepreneurs said, adding that due to the culture of impunity criminal activities against the business sector have increased.
"The government must set up a fast track court to hear the cases of attack on entrepreneurs," said economist Dr Chandramani Adhikari. "The earlier government had compromised the freedom of doing business affecting employment generation and investment."
There is no denying the right of trade unions but they have been used as a tool to threaten entrepreneurs for ransom, drifting from international trade union movement and have become criminal gangs, said entrepreneurs, adding that such criminal activities of trade unions cannot guarantee employment and rights of workers and will rather have an adverse impact on employment, if entrepreneurs start closing industries.
A group of trade union close to former prime minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai has taken the responsibility for the attack on the managing director of Hotel Radisson B K Shrestha, Friday morning, at Bhanimandal, in Lalitpur.

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