Friday, August 9, 2013

Tamor hydro project's capacity reduced to 200 MW

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has sought a survey licence of Tamor Hydropower Project reducing its capacity to 200 MW from earlier proposed 530 MW.
The state power utility has reduced the capacity of Tamor Hydropower Project – based in Terhathum and Panchthar districts – by 330 MW to 200 MW as it was suggested by the Energy Ministry to reduce its capacity not to hit other power projects to be developed in the Koshi Basin.
The revision of the the project’s capacity downwards will now not affect other some half a dozen hydropower projects – including 37.6 MW Kabeli A – being developed in the region.
According to the preliminary study, the dam of 530 MW Tamor Hydropower Project – that was identified in 1985 during Koshi basin study – could affect the Kabeli A hydropower project. The Koshi Basin Master Plan has also stated Tamor Hydropower Project’s capacity at 200 MW.
Though NEA has applied for the survey licence proposing to develop the project at 200 MW, the capacity could be optimised to utilize hydropower resources, according to the NEA sources.
But the Energy Department will issue the survey licence after it goes through the NEA application and its implications on other hydropower projects.

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