Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ambassador Bodde invites US investors to invest in hydropower in Nepal

US ambassador to Nepal Peter Bodde invited the American investors to invest in hydropower in Nepal.
Hosting a conference call with US businesses yesterday, he gave an overview of the economic and business climate in Nepal and then took participants’ questions, including queries about hydropower summits in Kathmandu – that is slated for next week – and how the US Embassy can assist American companies investing in Nepal.
The envoy also discussed opportunities in the hydropower sector in Nepal with a dozen participants, representing industries including energy and infrastructure joined the call, including some with a history of investing in Nepal too.
 “Although challenges remain, ambassador Bodde pointed out that Nepal has huge hydropower resources but very less of the potential has been developed. He also emphasised that the US Embassy stands ready to assist American companies interested in investing in Nepal.
In the closing of the conference call, Bodde noted that Nepal has enormous hydropower potential and the time to engage with is ‘now’.
Many American companies, on the occasion, have expressed interest in investing in hydropower in Nepal.

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