Friday, August 2, 2013

Government to regulate Mt Everest climbers

After couple of incidents, the government has waken up and is planning to better regulate and manage Mt Everest expeditions for next season.
Though, this year’s spring window is shut for the adventurers, the government is preparing a report also to provide some security and regulate the climbers, as the highest peak of the world has become more crowded in recent years posing threat to the Himalayas.
The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation is planning to deploy a  team of government officials, including security officials and doctors, at the Everest base camp due to increasing accidents and also to check unwanted climbers and their ‘unauthorised’ activities like this spring a climber used smart phone at the Mt Everest to make a video call. On May 19, a British climber Daniel Hughes made a ‘illegal’ video call from the peak of Mt Everest to the BBC’s studio in London using his smart phone.
Some of the veteran climbers have even asked the government to give Mt Everest a break by short-tern climbing ban also to protect the Himlayan climate change.
Meanwhile, the government also wants to identify some new peaks and open for climbing – adding them to the current 326 already open peaks – that is expect to give the Mt Everest a break from a crowd.

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