Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Nepal, China plan new offices of consulate general

Nepal and China are planning to set up the office of consulate general in each others territory as in the recent years trade has seen a consistent increment between them.
Nepal already has two offices of consulate general – one each in Lhasa and Hong Kong – apart from Embassy in Beijing in China, whereas it will be the northern neighbour’s first office of the consulate general in Nepal.
Due to increasing trade and requests from the traders, Nepal has been preparing to set up the third office of consulate general in Guangzhou that is China's third largest city and one of the key trade hub for Nepali traders.
Likewise, China has proposed to establish the office in Pokhara, where the flow of Chinese tourists has seen an increase in recent years.
A bilateral meeting on Sunday in Beijing is going to take a decision to set up the offices of consulate general in both the countries. The meeting will also discuss on jurisdiction and number of staffs for the proposed offices.
Earlier, Ministry of Commerce and Supplies has also proposed the Chinese government for the establishment of office of the consulate general in Guangzhou as the trade volume with China is increasing through Guangzhou.

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