Saturday, June 8, 2013

NAC to continue its Hong Kong flight as deadline to install RNP 1 equipment relaxed to 2014 end

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) can continue its flight to Hong after it got one-and-a-half-year time extension to install Required Navigation Performance (RNP) 1 equipment as Civil Aviation Department of Hong Kong relaxed its earlier deadline of July 10 to 2014 end.
Earlier in 2011, Hong Kong aviation authority had asked all the aircraft including Nepal Airlines flying to Hong Kong to either install the RNP 1 by July 10, or stop Hong Kong flight.
The time extension has, however, given the ailing national flag carrier time to install the equipment. Nepal Airlines Corporation will now announce a tender for the equipment installation in the aircraft before seeking an advice from its aircraft manufacturer Boeing Company."
Due to its failure to install RNP 1 equipment in its aircraft, the airlines was planning to suspend its Kathmandu-Hong Kong flight from mid-July.
The equipment costs more than $2 million.
The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal is also planning to formally implement the RNP in the country from 2016 to increase aviation safety.
Though, it can continue its Hong Kong flight for the time being, it will have to ultimately suspend its flight on the route as it will take eight months to one year for the installation of the equipment.
As the airlines is planning to lease two new aircraft within October, it could have sufficient time for the equipment installation in its current Boeing 757 aircraft.
Nepal Airlines Corporation — that has been recently listed as one of the top 15 worst airlines in the world for economy class travel by Business Insider — has been currently flying to Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Doha, Qatar, Hong Kong and Bangkok as it has suspended its flights on the most profitable destinations like Delhi and Dubai due to lack of aircraft and worsening financial health.
The Business Insider has listed Nepal Airlines as one of the top 15 worst airlines in the world for economy class travel with a rating of 46.7 out of 100.
"Flying used to be a pleasant experience, but now with airport checks, rising ticket costs and cuts in services, it has become a painful one, especially for those stuck in economy class," wrote the Business Insider that has listed top 20 worst airlines for flying economy class in the world.
Turkmenistan Airlines ranked first among them with a score of 30.8 out of 100, followed by Sudan Airways (33.3), Ukraine International Airlines (36.3), Uzbekistan Airways (37.5), North Korea's Air Koryo (39.2).

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