Thursday, June 27, 2013

Four companies interested to provide aircraft to NAC on dry lease

Some four companies have applied for sealed offer to provide two Airbus A320-200 on dry lease until the national flag carrier gets its new Airbus.
Peter Huijkers of HNA Group (HK) Co Ltd; Lim  Sin Jin of Aviation Capital Group Singapore Pte Ltd; Gemma Foster of CIT Aerospace International, IFSC Ireland Republic; and Philipp Kugelmann of BBAM
Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore have applied to provide the corporation two aircraft on dry lease.
Once selected, the company will provide NAC with aircraft by October.

NAC had published a notice for sealed offer on May 13 asking the interested parties to apply within 45 days. “The four companies have applied within the 45 days on June 26,” said the corporation.
The corporation is in an urgent need of aircraft till it gets two narrow body Airbus by 2015 March as the current fleet of aircraft for international flights have been repeatedly grounded due to frequent technical glitch.
However, the NAC also needs to concentrate on its organisational reform for the better management as only adding aircraft could not make it efficient to compete with the professional international airlines flying to and from Kathmandu.

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