Monday, June 10, 2013

Dual colour LPG to be priced same

Though the dual colour LPG — popularly known as cooking gas — is going to be implemented from July 15, Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) is not going to increase the price of both the gas cylinders, neither has the consumer card — that is essential to claim subsidy — distribution completed yet.
"The price of both colour — red for domestic and blue for commercial use — will remain same and the NOC is not going to hike its price at the moment," said the state oil monopoly's spokesperson Shiva Prasad Pudasaini.
However, the government had planned to separate the colours of the gas cylinder to give limited subsidy to household users — on the basis of consumer card — and charge the market price from commercial users.
"The homework for the dual-colour gas cylinder implementation is in the final stage," he added.
The LP Gas Industries Association and dealers, who had been opposing the dual-colour has also claimed that it will come into implementation from July 15. "Some 33 bottlers have been preparing the blue colour gas cylinders," said president of LP Gas Industries Association Shiva Prasad Ghimire. "The dual colour gas cylinder will create no confusion as the bottlers have been changing red colour gas cylinders into blue and ready to bring it in the market," he added.
Earlier, they had been opposing the government plan but after the government hiked their commission, they have agreed to prepare blue colour gas cylinder.
However, Federation of Gas Dealers Associations Gyaneshwor Aryal said that the move to start blue colour gas cylinder will be successful, if the hotels and commercial users start its use across the country.
He, however, suspected the government's willpower to implement it. Ayral also doubted government's preparation.
Earlier too, the government had postponed the implementation of dual colour cooking gas cylinder twice due to lack of enough preparation.

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