Sunday, June 30, 2013

Binod Chaudhary felicitated in Bangladesh

Political stability in the country is a must to accelerating economic growth in South Asian countries, Chaudhary Group president and the first Forbes-listed billionaire of the country Binod Chaudhary said speaking at a felicitation programme hosted by International Chamber of Commerce-Bangladesh in Dhaka today.
“Small countries still find it very difficult to deal with each other,” he said, adding that dealing with India is easy. “But it is not easy for one small nation to deal with another like Nepal dealing with Bangladesh and Bangladesh with other smaller nations continues to be a challenge.”
Chaudhary, on the occasion, lamented power crisis in Nepal and its compulsion to import power from India. “We are still struggling,” Chaudhari, said. “We can light up the whole of India, given the hydro power resources of Nepal.”
But today Nepal is a net importer of power due to the lack of sense of economy in the mainstream politics.
 He also appealed businessmen of SAARC to join politics as he feels politics revo
lve around economy at the centre.
“We are proud to honour Binod Chaudhary,” said president of the chamber Mahbubur Rahman. “The only unexplored area for business is the Antarctica and I am sure it will not be long before he ventures there as well," he added.
Chaudhary was in Dhaka recently to participate in fourth Social Business Day 2013 organised by Yunus Center on June 28 that witnessed over 150 guests from 30 countries.

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