Friday, July 5, 2013

Swiss grants Rs 1.39 billion for safer labour migration, local governance

Switzerland is providing a grant assistance of CHF 14 million (approximately Rs 1.39 billion) to support two projects; safer labour migration and good governance.
According to a press release issued by Embassy of Switzerland here today, over CHF 8.95 million will be spent for safer labour migration and CHF 4.9 million will be spent on the implementation of Strengthening the Accountability of Local Governments (SALG) project.

Swiss ambassador to Nepal Thomas Gass and joint secretary and head of International Economic Cooperation Coordination Division under Ministry of Finance Madhu Marasini signed the agreement today on behalf of their respective governments.

“The second phase of Safer Migration Project will support the efforts to address the needs of Nepali migrant labour leaving for Middle East and Southeast Asian,” the statement noted, adding that the project will continue to provide relevant information to the aspiring migrant workers and their family, vocational skills trainings, legal support, psychosocial counseling as well as shelter for returning migrants in distress.
“The project will also strengthen the capacity of the government authorities and civil society organisations to ensure a more effective implementation of Nepal´s Foreign Employment Act-2007 and related policies,” it added.
The project will be implemented jointly by Helvetas Swiss Inter cooperation under the leadership of the Steering Committee chaired by the secretary of Ministry of Labour and Employment in 19 districts.
Likewise, Strengthening the Accountability of Local Governments (SALG) is designed to strengthen the capacity of the right holders, especially, disadvantaged groups to engage in local governance processes and to access the services in a more efficient and effective manner. The project will enhance the capacity of people and the community based civic society groups like Ward Citizen Forum to hold the local governance actors accountable in their respective constituents with the use of social accountability tools, according to the press release.
The project will be implemented in nine districts in close coordination with and steering of Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development in complementarily with Local Governance and Community Development Programme (LGCDP).

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