Monday, July 15, 2013

beed bags consulting contract in Rwanda

A premier management consulting and financial advisory services firm – beed management (beed) – has won a global bid to work on a consulting contract with the Government of Rwanda.
beed will be preparing a business plan for a cable car project on Mt Karisimbi along with undertaking a visioning and planning exercise for an Ecotourism Project, it said, adding that the project involves establishing a cable car project on the highest peak in Rwanda Mt Karisimbi at a cost of $35 million. “The ecotourism corridor envisages establishing a 260 sq-km area to promote eco-tourism so as to make Rwanda the premier eco-tourism destination in Central and East Africa and will attract investments of $2 billion.”

Chief executive of the beed Sujeev Shakya described the feat as a proud moment for the Nepali firms as it is be able to win global bids and take their expertise outside the boundaries of Nepal. “Our dreams of going international has begun, apart from remittance dollars, Nepal can now earn foreign exchange in the knowledge business also,” he said, explaining that beed was introduced to Rwanda by a globally known Nepali scientist working in the field of climate change and atmospheric gases Prof Arnico Pandey, who is leading a team from MIT to establish a Climate Observatory in Rwanda.
In 2012, beed had conducted the pre-feasibility study of the project.
The beed team also includes architects and engineers, who have worked in the Manakamana Cable Car Project and ex-chief executive of Nepal Tourism Board Prachanda Man Shrestha.
Rwanda is currently regarded as one of the most attractive foreign investment destinations in Africa and their $400 million Eurobond received a response of $3.2 billion in April.
A country that is just half the size of Bhutan with a population of 10 million has rebuild itself post genocide in 1994 in a manner that has become a role model for many developing countries.
“It is similar to Nepal in terms of topography and terrain, but stand out in their firm determination to make things happen," Shakya added.
beed, established in 2008, has served over seventy clients across different sectors in the past five years. It has also partnered with Bank of Kathmandu in managing the $14 million IFC SME Venture Fund, Business Oxygen.

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