Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Political parties most corrupt, media also featured in the TI list

No wonder that political parties are the most corrupt sector in the country, according to a survey.
However, the Transparency International (TI) report released here today has also listed media as one of the most corrupt sectors in the country.
Seventy per cent of the respondents from 58 municipalities across the country claimed that political parties are the most corrupt followed by bureaucracy (66 per cent), police (58 per cent), parliament (51 per cent), judiciary (51 per cent) and private sector (30 per cent), army (27 per cent), NGOs (20 per cent), medical sector (17 per cent), religious organisations (16 per cent) and the media (14 per cent).
Some 57 per cent believed that cases of corruption have highly increased in the last two years, according to Global Corruption Barometer (GCB) 2013, an initiative of the Transparency International (TI).
A total of 1,000 households – some 53 per cent male and 47 per cent females – from all the 58 municipalities in the country were included in the study for the corruption barometer that has also revealed that some 69 per cent respondents claimed that corruption is a serious problem in public sector, whereas some 42 per cent claimed personal contact is important to access public services. “Similarly, some 67 per cent believed that the government effort to fight graft is ineffective.”
Some 61 per cent respondents said that they knew about lodging of complaints against corruption, whereas the 43 per cent answered that they were not aware of any institution for filing complaints, the TI report added. “Likewise, 39 per cent said they were not optimistic about any action, despite complaints to the authorities.”
The survey also claimed that the 86 per cent replied that citizens have a significant role in controlling corruption.
Some 28 per cent respondents claimed that they refused to give a bribe, according to the survey. However, some 40 per cent said that they bribed officials for getting their land related services, some 37 per cent had paid bribes to judiciary and 30 per cent paid bribe to the police.
According to the Global Corruption Barometer (GCB) 2013, the most corrupt institution in the world is police, according to the respondents in some 36 countries featured in the global survey. “Likewise, some 20 countries believed judiciary as the most corrupt institution in their society.”
The Global Corruption Barometer (GCB) 2013 – a Transparency International’s publication – started from 2003 is carried out in 107 countries around the world, and Nepal was included in the survey from 2011.

The most corrupt sectors, according to the latest Transparency International report
1. Political party (70 per cent)
2. Bureaucracy (66 per cent)
3. Police (58 per cent)
4. Judiciary (51 per cent)
5. Parliament/Legislature (51 per cent)
6. Private Sector (30 per cent)
7. Army (27 per cent)
8. NGOs (20 per cent)
9. Medical sector (17 per cent)
10. Religious organisations (16 per cent)
11. Media (14 per cent)

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