Thursday, July 18, 2013

Smart Telecom becomes the fastest growing telecom company

Smart Telecom (ST) has been reported as the fastest growing telecom service provider in the country, according to the recent report from the government.
The recent Economic Survey published by the Finance Ministry revealed that ‘Smart Cell’ – the brand of Smart Telecom – has increased its subscriber base by a whopping 85.23 per cent – the highest among all six existing telecom operators – in the eight months of the fiscal year 2012-13.
The survey revealed that the tele-density has touched 74 per cent with 19.61 million telephone subscribers and internet-density has touched 24 per cent with 6.27 million internet users.
Ncell has posted 28 per cent growth followed by Nepal Telecom (NT) with 14.27 per cent and UTL with 13.76 per cent increment in their subscribers’ base in the first eight months of the fiscal year 2012-13 compared to the same period of a fiscal year ago, the survey added.
“Smart Telecom has been able to gain three per cent market share making it the third largest telecom operator,” said Smart Telecom chief executive officer Abraham Smith.
“Smart has already invested more than Rs 3 billion in expanding its network and planning to continue with almost $300 million,” he added.
“Smart Telecom wants to be customer centric and service-oriented telecom provider with affordable price and best quality network,” Smith said, adding that when the telecom operator will be introduced across the country, customers will be like kings, as they will be able to enjoy choices and greater varieties of services.
As a good Nepali corporate citizen, Smart Telecom already realised a range of projects to support people and communities in need, according to the telecom service provider that has also been actively involved in the Social Corporate Responsibility like helping Kailali flood victims, Sulikot Ghyang Monastery in Sindhupalchowk, Setidevi Primary School in Sindhupalchowk and Garvasi Lower Secondary School in Nuwakot.
“The country will benefit from having Smart Telecom as a third nationwide operator, as with the strong commitment to a long-term investment it can bring a new positive changes to the industry and market where the price and quality will be in line with the people’s requirements,” Smith added.
Smart Telecom was licensed as a telecom operator by Nepal Telecom Authority on July 1, 2008. It has also been awarded unified licence on April 15, and the company is gearing up for nationwide rollout in near future.
Currently, the telecom service provider covers up 40 districts with 800,000 subscribers and is increasing. It provides both GSM and VSAT services.

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