Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Employers-employees agree on strike free corridor

Employers and employees in the Bara-Parsa industrial corridor today signed an agreement to make the industrial corridor a strike-free zone.
Concluding that frequent incidents of disputes in the past over wage and collective bargaining had adversely affected the industrial environment, the employers and leaders representing the employees have sealed a 19-point agreement.
Secretary at the home ministry Nabin Ghimire, on the occasion, praised the agreement and asked them to walk the talk. "Lockouts are never a solution to any problem," he said, urging the workers to bring about changes to their actions of resorting to violence like lockouts and vandalism to seek solutions to the problems. 
Ghimire also clarified that the police intervene in disputes between employers and employees only out of compulsion. 
Speaking on the occasion, director general of the Department of Labour Krishna Hari Puskar said that minimum wage fixation committee is holding talks to fix minimum salary and wages.

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