Monday, November 19, 2012

WTO launches new ‘International Trade and Market Access’ interactive tool

The ‘International Trade and Market Access’ interactive tool, launched by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) recently, provides a new dynamic presentation for all WTO data on merchandise and commercial services trade as well as selected market access indicators from World Tariff Profiles, a WTO, ITC and UNCTAD co-publication. The tool consists of four elements — Trade Dashboard, Trends Dashboard, Tariffs Dashboard and Made in the World — for the easy access of data for member countries.
The Trade Dashboard reveals the leading traders by commodity group, sector and year. Data can be shown by country, by region or by economic grouping. The dashboard also shows the leading partners of selected countries.
Similarly, Trends Dashboard shows the evolution of trade between the selected country/region/economic grouping and a particular partner, whereas Tariffs Dashboard displays statistics on market access for goods by country or customs territory, using data from the latest edition of the World Tariff Profiles.
The Made in the World tool provides information on the WTO's participation in projects aimed at measuring and analysing trade in terms of value added.
The data is presented in the form of interactive maps, charts and data tables, using arrows and pop-up boxes to depict trade flows and to provide supplementary information.

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