Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nabil Bank launches eSecure

Nabil Bank has launched Nabil eSecure which will allow its debit and credit card holders to make secure online transactions.
Nabil eSecure is an authentication process endorsed by card providers – Visa International and MasterCard International – which verifies the authenticity of the internet transaction.
It uses Access Control Server to screen out unauthorised card transactions. "Since most online shopping and booking sites do not accept card payments that are not verified by Visa International and MasterCard International, online payment was difficult from Nepal," said chief executive of Nabil Bank Anil Gyawali at the press conference.
The system will screen the authentication of card members during online shopping through user created password and the card PIN number.
"The card holder either has to register from Nabil Bank’s website or register at the time of making payments," pointed out head of card division Niraj Sharma. "The bank will charge Rs 50 or 0.50 per cent of the payments made, whichever is higher."
Rupee denominated card holders can shop or book services online within Nepal and India using the debit, credit or pre-paid card. However, dollar denominated card holders can shop worldwide using the card. The bank allows card holders to pay for goods and services worth up to Rs 200,000, and a maximum of five times a day.
Earlier, the bank did not provide online payment services through all bank issued cards due to security reasons.

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