Monday, September 24, 2012

Taskforce to check piracy on cards

Nepal Copy Right Office is planning to form a Joint Anti-Piracy Task Force including representatives from various organisations directly and indirectly affected by piracy and copyright issues to increase awareness of copyright among the business community and consumers, according to a draft action plan.
Similarly, the action plan has also envisioned an Anti-Piracy Promotion Fund with regular support from participating organisations of Joint Anti-Piracy Task Force.
The expression industry has to get its due recognition, said registrar at the office Bisu KC at an interaction organised by the US Embassy and Samriddhi Foundation, here today.
Joint secretary at the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Bishnu Raj Karki, appreciating the idea of the joint task force. He also suggested a formal advisory body under Nepal Copy Right Office to unify and guide the effort.
The ministry will support the initiative to save the expression industry and could arrange a national convention by the end of the fiscal year, he informed.
The expression industry’s contribution to the GDP stands at around 10 per cent in the developed countries, but the government has not yet recognized its contribution, Karki said, adding that the piracy has bleed the government coffer blue.
Music Association of Nepal has its own action plan to fight piracy, said immediate past president of the association Bhagwan Kumar Shrestha. "The association has both short-term as well as long-term goals, he said, adding that the plan includes awareness campaigns, stakeholders' self-initiation, monitoring and proper implementation of law in the short-term. "Likewise, in the long-term, he shared, "continuing the short-term plan for at least five years will help reduce piracy by at least 30 per cent."
The idea of intellectual property as private property has to be instilled in the society. Not only the creator, but also the government is losing out on taxes due to piracy that needs to be checked, Shrestha added.

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