Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nepse sees highest number of listed firms' trading

After more than one-and-a half decade of its operations, the secondary market today witnessed over 100 listed companies trading, though the total number of shares traded stood at less than one per cent of the listed shares.
Three hydropower companies among the four listed hydel project, three hotels among the four listed hotels, some 16 finance companies among 72 listed class C financial institute, some 23 commercial banks among the 26 listed class A financial institutions, along with Nabil promoter share and Everest Bank's convertible shares, some 35 development banks among the 72 listed ones, some 16 insurance companies among the listed 21 listed ones, Bottlers Nepal (Balaju) and Bottlers Nepal (Terai) among 18 listed manufacturing and processing companies, Nepal Doorsanchar among the two listed companies under others sub group saw their trading at the Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) today. However, the market did not see any trading of the trading sub group, the only sun group among the nine sub-groups.
Of the nine sub groups, two — hydropower and hotels sub group — lost, whereas six sub groups gained to push the Nepse up by 4.85 points or 1.19 per cent to close today's market at 412.48 points.
Nepse has listed a total of 1,580,175,077 units of stocks including, ordinary, promoters and one bank's convertible shares, one mutual fund, debentures and government bonds. But some 213,831 units worth Rs 78,467,607 shares of some 101 listed companies were traded at the Nepse today.

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