Thursday, September 20, 2012

Businesses serious in utilising natural resources: Swan

Big global corporations are coming forward to save the planet as governments are short-lived, according to a polar explorer, an environmental leader and the first person in history to walk unsupported to the North and South Poles, and also an exceptionally gifted and natural communicator, Robert Swan.
These industries and businesses — that are more powerful than governments — have taken the issue of utilising natural resources seriously and are trying to do the right things by helping people use resources like energy, water and recycling intelligently that can save the mother earth, says Swan, who is regarded by many as one of the world’s top motivational speakers.
His experiences from the past 25 years have evolved into an exceptional and dramatic story of success, failure, the ability to learn from one’s mistakes and ultimately, inspiring others to pursue their dreams.
Though the unmanaged natural resources could also ignite conflicts, let's try to be positive on the whole issue, he says, adding that we need to take the right steps in the direction to save energy and water, and making use of solar power that is clean energy.
"Solar panels could be the next big business for India and China," says Swan, who opines that in another 50 years, the oil wells might dry up and people will start thinking of exporting the power of solar energy.
Swan, who thinks that educating and inspiring employees will help companies grow, emphasises on the importance of inspiration, leadership and teamwork.
He thinks that a leader with a vision and a plan, and delivering on that plan can make a difference. "But sustainable development and growth should go hand-in-hand," according to him, "And industries and businesses are trying to take up the mantle in sustainable development."
He is invited by companies around the globe like BP, Coca-Cola, Akzo Nobel, Shell, Credit Suisse, Nokia, Unilever, Philips, HSBC, HP and many more to inspire their new and established employees.
Swan, who is in Nepal for the 'Coca Cola Live Positively' event, has a suggestion for the mountaineers. "Please do not litter the mountains and keep them clean to save earth."
Some of his achievements:
• First person in history to walk to both North and South Poles.
• Raised over $45 million for global causes in the past 20 years.
• Spent over two decades inspiring industry, business and commerce to forward their environmental agendas.
• Created global model for taking corporate executives, young leaders and students to Antarctica on leadership sustainability programme.
• Became the first person to live in the Antarctic solely on renewable energy.

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