Monday, July 23, 2012

Pun directs to implement special budget

Caretaker finance minister Barshaman Pun directed the top bureaucrats to implement special budget to achieve quick results.
During an inter-ministerial discussion here today, he also asked them to prepare the regular budget.
Pun had brought a special budget of Rs 161.24 billion — that is one-third of the last fiscal year's estimated expenses — for four months on July 15 through ordinance due to absence of Parliament.
"The government had brought one-third budget in difficult situation," he said, asking the secretaries of various ministries to be active in implementing it fairly. "All the ministries should work hard to implement the special budget and be prepared for regular budget as the government will introduce regular budget once political deadlock is over.
He directed secretaries from various ministries, governor of the central bank, vice chairman of National Planning Commission (NPC) and others — to improve environment for investment despite the budget constraints. "We can't meet people's expectations without regular budget," Pun added.
According to him, regular budget is necessary to promote investment-friendly environment, smoothly operate economic activities and encourage private sector.
He also assured the new ministries of enough budget. "The government has managed budget for new ministries from miscellaneous head," he said, suggesting secretaries to implement priority two and priority three projects with dedication.
In the programme, vice chairman of National Planning Commission Deependra Bahadur Kshetry assured the ministries to give priority to the projects forwarded by them. "There will not be any obstacles for the projects within one-third of budget," he said.
Similarly, finance secretary Krishnahari Baskota urged his colleagues to keep regular track of projects and programmes for their effective implementation.

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