Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vayodha hospital starts operations

Lately, the country has seen increasing investments in healthcare and education sectors.
Senior social activist Anuradha Koirala and doctors of Vayodha Hospital, jointly inaugurated the newly opened hospital amidst a special ceremony in Kathmandu on Friday.
Committed to providing high standard healthcare services and expecting creative suggestions from service seekers, Vayodha Hospital has a total capacity of 50 beds comprising of special, VIP and ordinary beds, said chairman of Vayodha Hospitals Dr Shyam Bahadur Pandey.
The hospital also started emergency services, OPD and specialist services from yesterday. "In Sanskrit, Vayodha means good health," he said, expressing the commitment to contribute significantly through excellent treatment.
Vayodha has also made two party contracts with the renowned Fortis Escorts Heart Institute of New Delhi. "In collaboration with Escorts, Vayodha will provide specialist services for cardiac care through its extra intensive care unit, in which there will be a 24-hour presence of a specialist doctor," added Pandey.
The hospital is committed to providing excellent health services, and prioritising the safety and treatment of heart patients as a focal point, which is the most highly sensible organ of the human body, according to the hospital that aims at providing quality health services of international standards.
The hospital has been established in an open area in Balkhu near Ring Road and is easily accessible from all around the valley. "Equipped with well trained, intelligent and sensible health service staff to provide instant services, the hospital has two elevators to easily transfer patients to wards, and two guaranteed generators ensuring essential services, hygiene and water," he said, adding that the team at Vayodha Hospital comprises of experienced and renowned doctors and surgeons, and highly skilled healthcare staff.
The country has witnessed Rs 50.29 billion investment in the hospitals only. In the last fiscal year 2011-12 some 35 hospitals started their operations in the country, whereas a fiscal year ago in 2010-11, only 10 hospitals have started their operations in the country. In the last fiscal years, one each hospital with 200 and 150 bed capacity, seven with 100 bed capacity, one 75 bed capacity, 10 55 bed capacity, two 51 bed capacity, 13 50 bed capacity private and community hospitals came into operations in the last fiscal year.
Currently there are some 381 hospitals in operation in the country.

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