Friday, July 27, 2012

Private sector seeks active role of NBF

The private sector has urged Nepal Business Forum to be more active in facilitating its problems with the government.
Requesting the Nepal Business Forum (NBF) during the orientation meeting of NBF, they also asked the public sector to be more proactive in solving the problems of the private sector and to create an investment-friendly environment in the country.
"Reforms to develop the private sector are essential to open Nepal to investments that create jobs and provide opportunities," they said, adding that the forum is an output-focused dialogue mechanism designed to have a direct and positive impact on the investment climate, but the public sector has not been enthusiastic in smoothing the doing business climate.
"The forum should play the role of a coordinator between the various ministries as there is a lack of inter-ministerial coordination," said representative of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry and co-chair of the forum Manish Agrawal.
"The effective and immediate implementation of the discussions is key for productive results for the forum meetings," he said, adding that delay in resolving the private sector's problems or addressing their concerns could make the business environment more vulnerable.
Similarly, participants also asked the government to be more responsible. "It is not only the private sector that always commits mistakes. What if government officials make a mistake?" they asked the government officials.
"The private sector has always been blamed unilaterally," they argued.
"Supported by Nepal Investment Climate Reform Programme, the forum works with the government and stakeholders to improve Nepal’s business environment that can help create jobs and bring prosperity through private investment," said coordinator of Nepal Business Forum secretariat Gopal Prasad Tiwari.
"The forum is a tool to assist stakeholders to work together constructively to improve investment climate," he said, adding that it has also helped improve the business environment by reducing tax payment days from 34 days to 22 days per year that has resulted in over $4.83 million in cost savings for the private sector, apart from helping register the chyangra pashmina trademark in 41 countries.

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