Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Household budget survey begins today

The central bank is starting the fifth Household Budget Survey from tomorrow.
The central bank has been conducting such survey every 10 years to update and revise weightages of goods in the basket for National Consumers Price Index (CPI) to captures the overall price situation of the country.
The survey takes into account the level and sources of income and expenditure patterns of households. The revised weighting factors of the CPI can only give the real picture of the inflation in the country. The central bank has been publishing inflation based on CPI on the monthly basis.
Consumption pattern of households changes frequently due to various reasons and the household budget survey will help find how people spend and earn in the interval of a decade.
The central bank has identified some 84 market centers from 55 districts in the five development regions for the survey that will take a sample of 8,028 households.
The last survey was conducted in 2005-06. 

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