Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fixed telephony base surpasses 850,000 in December

The country saw its fixed telephony base grow to 851,199 in mid-December, up from 849,096 in mid-November.
The total includes 647,152 PSTN subscribers and 198,219 WLL telephony users, figures from the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA).
Nepal Telecom (NT) leads the PSTN market with 647,152 customers, up from 645,013 a month earlier, while STM Telecom Sanchar's base was flat at 5,230 customers. Smart had 598 public phone centres, the same as in the previous month.
Nepal Telecom also leads the WLL market with 122,505 customers for the service, slightly down from 122,541 in November, followed by UTL with 73,070 subscribers, same as the previous month.
Nepal Satellite Telecom had 2,644 WLL subscribers, also unchanged. Meanwhile, the number of limited mobility subscribers stood at 1.74 million, up from 1.71 million, and Global Mobile Personal Communications (GMPCS) users remained at 1,742 in December.

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