Thursday, September 5, 2013

Receive calls, get paid on CashOnAd

Cash on while you receive calls on your mobile, according to CashOnAd apps developed by a Nepali company which launched the application here today.
The ingenious innovation CashOnAd – a software that pays Rs 1 while one receives a call – is expected to help contribute to the economy, unlike the current expansion of mobile telephony in the country.
One has to have an Android mobile phone to down the application from Google Play Store and start earning money from receiving money, said chief executive of CashOnAd Sajat Shrestha. “However, one has to wait for six seconds and watch the advertisement before answering the call to get paid one cent – around one rupee – which will be deposited into the users CashOnAd account. “The deposit can be transferred to the user’s eSewa – a domestic online payment gateway – account in the country and to their Paypal account out of Nepal.”
To withdraw cash, the user can also transfer the deposit to almost all of the commercial banks – that have a tie up with from eSewa – in the country, he added.
It charges two US cents from the advertisers and pays one to the mobile users for watching the ad, shrestha added. “For the ads, CashOnAd has tied up with various key advertising agencies like Prisma, V-chitra, Avani, Ad Factor and Thompson Nepal.
It will benefit both the advertisers and targeted customers, according to the president of CashOnAd Biswas Dhakal, whose company F1 Soft has recently won FNCCI Excellence Award under the small scale service enterprises category.
It is going to change the habit of mobile usage and help in economic growth too as it is the most effective and influential medium for advertisement compared to the conventional media, he said, adding that advertisers can now reach to their targatted ans selected groups through the new apps.
CashOnAd – the new application – not only supports the advertising sector and gives it a respite but will contribute to the economy also, Dhakal added. “The new technology will also encourage new advertisers as CashOnAd aims at over 200,000 customers within this year.
According to a Study, a 10 per cent growth in mobile telephony contributes to around one per cent growth in the GDP. However, in Nepal, despite growing mobile penetration lately, it has failed to contribute to the economic growth due to various reasons like the usages and awareness.
The country has some 71.46 per cent mobile penetration till July 15, according to the Nepal Telecommunication Authority’s (NTA) latest data, but the contribution of the mobile in the economic growth has remained elusive.
The cell phones that have been used for only receiving and making calls are one of the most effective tools for economic development in recent times. “The new application will help contribute, though very little, to the economy,” Dhakal added.

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Bimal chokami said...

Dear sir,
I am happy with this app & others too.No other app can beat this app.But problem is sir whyits take more time for payment.I am not getting my 2nd payment from 1month.lots of friend facing same problem.If system is in working properly than as i told u it 'll be best app in world.Hats off the nepali company.u launched thisapp great but focus on customers problem too.Fixed the system soon