Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mobile app store downloads to nearly double in 2013

Mobile app stores will see annual downloads reach 102 billion in 2013, up from 64 billion in 2012, according to Gartner.
 Total revenue in 2013 will reach $26 billion, up from $18 billion. Free apps will account for 91 per cent of total downloads in 2013, and Gartner expects in-app purchases (IAPs) will account for 48 per cent of all store revenue by 2017, up from 11 per cent. IAP purchases will drive 17 per cent of the store revenue in 2013 and increase to 48 per cent in 2017. 
As with downloads, IAP is expected to have strong growth in 2013 and 2014 and slow in later years. This is due to smart devices reaching more mass-market consumers whose willingness and/or affordability to spend on IAPs is lower than early adopters.
However, Gartner expects IAP to become a major monetisation method for app stores and developers. Research shows that IAP contributes to a significant amount of Apple's App Store revenue from iPhones worldwide. While other platforms have not reached the same levels as the iPhone, the analysts project they will also see IAP contributions increase in the future.

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