Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yeti Air gets safety certification

Yeti Airlines Domestic has become the first domestic airline company to fulfill all the requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency on time, and received the prestigious NCAR 145 certification from the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal today.
As per the commitment of European Aviation Safety Agency to implement the requirements and standards set by it for aircraft maintenance in the SAARC countries, the company has fulfilled all the requirements, the airlines said, adding that Yeti Airlines Domestic has become the first company to be conferred with this prestigious certification for aircraft maintenance.
"The company further commits to strictly adhere to these strict international aircraft maintenance standards in the future to ensure maximum safety," said Yeti Airlines that operates seven Jetstream-41 advanced turbo prop aircraft across Nepal. "It has the widest area coverage network in the country and provides service to more than 500,000 passengers annually."
The airline has always focused on 'Flying On Time and Highest Safety Standards', thus making it the preferred airline among passengers of all sectors, it claimed.

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