Tuesday, August 21, 2012

'Employees not responsible for KFC, Pizza Hut closure'

All Nepal Revolutionary Trade Union Federation today claimed that the closure of the international chains — KFC and Pizza Hut — operated by Devyani International Nepal was not due to labour problems but due to the wrong policy adopted by the government.
Speaking at a press meet organised here at the capital, coordinator of the federation Ramdip Acharya said that the management of the international outlets, KFC and Pizza Hut, also wanted to close down services. "It is baseless to blame that both outlets were closed down due to an attempt to register the All Nepal Hotel and Restaurant Workers Union-Revolutionary, the CPN-Maoist affiliated trade union," he said, adding that the multinational company should follow the law of the land.
The federation is committed to promoting foreign investment in the country, he added. "But the management unilaterally shut down their services without consulting employees."
The management made employees the scapegoats, he blamed. "The federation was not carrying out any activity to hurt the business of KFC and Pizza Hut."
The only aim of the federation was to expand the presence of All Nepal Hotel and Restaurant Workers Union-Revolutionary at those outlets, he said, denying the charge of physical attack on the management. "No member of the federation was involved in 'the attack'," said Acharya, calling the management to come to the table to solve the problem through dialogue. "But the management is shying away from having a dialogue."

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