Tuesday, August 14, 2012

NIBL Capital Markets starts business

NIBL Capital Markets — a wholly owned subsidiary of Nepal Investment Bank — formally commenced its business today.
A licensed merchant banker from the Securities Board of Nepal, NIBL Capital aims to provide a comprehensive and a wide range of financial solutions ranging from Issue and Sales Management, Securities Underwriting and Share Registration, to Portfolio Management, it said, adding that as the company embarks on its first year of operation, it is committed to rendering services to a diverse prospective client base from financial institutions and businesses, to individuals with unique needs.
In the near future, NIBL Capital aims to expand its business and venture into Depository Participant functions and the Mutual Fund segment too.
Dedicated to core service and delivery, NIBL Capital is guided by the principle of seeing value in a different way and helping create synergy that will allow its clients to achieve their goals, it added.
With the strength of the parent company, Nepal Investment Bank, coupled with a strong network and experiences, the company hopes to act as the premier and trusted provider of customer-centric and innovation-driven investment banking services in Nepal, it said, adding that NIBL Capital wishes to serve as an agent of change in the development of the Nepali capital market to help achieve the common goal of economic growth and prosperity.

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