Friday, December 9, 2011

Namje features in CNN's never heard list

The Cable News Network (CNN) listed Namje, a village in eastern Nepal in its ‘12 best places you have never heard of'.
Namje’s isolation has been its saving grace, commented the network. "It is along a series of footpaths with views of Mt Makalu, world’s fifth-tallest peak."
The destination was recommended by founder and president of Odegard Inc Stephanie Odegard. Namje does not have a single road. "The only way to get to the Nepali village is along a series of footpaths with views of Mt Makalu,” Odegard, an independent traveler, mentioned in her comment.
According to her, the place only sees a handful of outsiders a year. Odegard came upon it while she was searching for local women to harvest fiber for her rug company. "The native magar people live very close to nature, and there’s an incredible amount of spiritual activity,” she mentioned.
The other places identified by CNN are Lord HoweIsland (Australia), Saint – Sauvant (France), Keahiakawelo, Lanai (Hawaii), Sucre (Bolivia), Tusheti (Georgia), Eastern Antioquia (Colombia), Verduno (Italy), Doe Bay (Washington), Wuppertal (South Africa), Buffalo (Wyoming), and Iles De La Madeleine (Senegal).

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