Monday, December 5, 2011

Dispute over salary adjustment leads to closure of Vaishali Hotel

The dispute between workers' union and management of Hotel Vaishali in Thamel over salary adjustment has led to the closure of the hotel yesterday. The union claims that it is ready to resolve the misunderstanding with the management, if it agrees to fulfil their demands on salary adjustment, whereas the management claimed that the union is not serious.
According to the managing director of the hotel Bishal Kumar, the workers' union themselves halted the entire work and shutdown the hotel.
"We are bearing a loss of around half a million rupee by today," he added.
Due to the protest of the workers union, the hotel management transferred its guests from 100 rooms of its hotel.
"Today we transferred occupants of 65 rooms, and yesterday we transferred some 35 occupants to other hotels,” he said, adding that they are trying to hold talks with the union at Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) as soon as the union agrees.
"We have requested the management to adjust Rs 1,600 increment on our monthly allowance and basic salary but the management disagreed and decided to close the hotel,” said president of the UCPN-Maoist affiliated trade union Nabin Rawat.
"We are ready to hold talks but the management itself is not interested to solve problems," he said, adding that the management itself disagreed on their demands and cancelled the bookings and shifted the guests to other hotels.
"We are working at the hotel without any creating any disturbance but it is the management that is trying to create problems,” he blamed.
The union had asked the hotel management to increase Rs 1,100 to their monthly allowance and Rs 500 to their basic salary. The workers are getting Rs 3,500 allowance and Rs 4,600 basic salary currently.
The hotel employs a total 100 staffs and 22 managers and executive level staff. The hotel management had increased the staff salary after an agreement was signed between Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) and the trade union.

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