Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hotel Vaishali closes, finally

Due to continuous disturbance of workers’ union in the Hotel Vaishali, the management finally has decided to close the hotel but it has not yet notified Department of Industry.
However, Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) releasing a press statement has supported the management's decision to close the hotel. The trade union at the hotel started its protest programme over salary adjustment since the first week of December. According to the workers’ union, the management overlooked the demand compelling them to start the protest programme.
However the association releasing a press statement supported the complete shutdown of the hotel from December 17. The association also condemned the activities of the workers.
It has also mentioned that the hotel management has followed the minimum wage policy fixed by the government but the union created an aggressive environment at the hotel that compelled the management to shift their guest to other hotels.
The workers’ also manhandled the managers and threatened other workers, the HAN said, adding that the hotel was bearing a loss of about Rs 1.3 million, which is only through the hotel room accommodation. "It was also bearing loss in its other services."
However, according to the union, the association is bias. The union has demanded increment in their salary according to the minimum wage of the government that is Rs 1,600 increment on the monthly allowance and basic salary dividing Rs 1,100 in monthly allowance and Rs 500 in basic salary. The hotel that employed 100 staffs offered Rs 3,500 in allowance and Rs 4,600 in its basic salary.

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