Friday, June 21, 2019

Gautam Buddha International Airport completion deadline to be extended again

The Chinese contractor company has sought an extension to the completion deadline of Gautam Buddha International Airport (GBIA) by six months, though this is the third time that the completion deadline of GBIA is being extended.
Though, the completion deadline will be extended, the investment amount will not be increased and remain the same at Rs 7 billion, according to the GBIA Project Chief Prabesh Adhikari.
The second phase of the construction – technically called ‘ICB 02’ – is still to begin, which is why the contractor has asked for deadline extension, he said, adding that currently the project is in the final phase of ICB 01 and the work of ICB 02 will begin only after completion of this phase. “The project has been divided into two phases — ICB 01 that includes infrastructural work and ICB 02 that includes installing the equipment – by contractor Northwest Civil Aviation Airport Construction Company.”
It will take at least six months to complete the work of ICB 02,” GBIA Project Chief said, adding that the process of selecting the company to purchase equipment for communication navigation and surveillance system has already begun. “Thus, we have proposed to extend the deadline.”
Under the first phase – ICB 01 – the installation of lights and marking on the runway, taxiway and apron remain to be completed. “The project has submitted the proposal for deadline extension to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal some two weeks ago,” Adhikari said. “We are also awaiting a response from Asian Development Bank.”
The upgradation of GBIA was started in January 2015, targeting to complete it by December 2017. But conflict between contractors, Tarai-Madhesh movement, and also lack of construction materials after earthquake of 2015 consequently pushed the completion deadline to June 15, 2018.
GBIA is expected to play a major role in making the Visit Nepal 2020 campaign a success.

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