Friday, January 27, 2017

Ncell's 'Early Flood Alerts' nominated for global award

Ncell's initiative of sending flood alerts to the people living in downstream river basin during monsoon has been shortlisted for the prestigious Global Mobile (Glomo) Awards 2017.
The initiative has helped people to safety and save livestock and other movable property during flood, a statement issued by Ncell said.
'Ncell Pvt Ltd for Early Flood Alerts' has been nominated under the Category 3: Social and Economic Development-Mobile in Emergency or Humanitarian Situations, GSM Association (GSMA) said in its release today.
The winners of the Global Mobile Awards 2017 will be presented throughout Mobile World Congress, which takes place on February 27 to March 2 in Barcelona, the GSMA's press note reads.
“The Glomo Awards recognise those companies and individuals that are driving innovation in the rapidly evolving mobile industry, and we are excited to this year introduce several new awards that highlight the very latest developments in this dynamic industry," chief marketing officer at the GSMA Michael O’Hara, said in the press note. "We wish the best of luck to the 2017 Glomo Award nominees."
"We are delighted that our early warning alerts initiative, which has made significant contribution in saving life and minimising loss, has been well appreciated and duly recognised by global industry community," said corporate communications export of Ncell Milan Sharma. "We value this collaboration with DoHM and are glad for being able to empower the people with crucial flow of life saving information."
In 2016 too, Ncell was crowned with GSMA Glomo Awards for Mobile in Emergency of Humanitarian Situations. The company had shared the awards with Flowminder Foundation for collaboration that tracked population movement during 2015 earthquake, contributing to effective targeting of humanitarian aid and relief support.

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