Thursday, September 24, 2015

Government working on to reopen Tatopani, Rasuwagadhi customs

The government has started preparation to reopen the customs with the northern neighbour China due to problem on the southern border.
The two customs offices along Nepal-China border – Tatopani and Rasuwagadi – have not been operational since the April 25 earthquake. But the unrest in Tarai for the past one-and-a-half months and fresh 'blockade' enforced by India has forced the government to expedite the process to reopen the two customs offices on China border. "The festive season next month has also forced the government," according to Ministry of Supplies.
The Chinese government is positive about reopening both the customs offices by October 15," secretary at the Ministry of Commerce and Supplies Naindra Prasad Upadhyay told a parliamentary committee on commerce today morning. "We had discussion with the Chinese officials yesterday too," he said, adding that the northern neighbour is ready to help Nepalis get enough supplies for festivities. The festivals – Dashain and Tihar – fall in the last week of October and the first half of November this year.
The unrest created by the Tarai-Madhes parties and India's 'blockade' is sure to make the lives of Nepalis hard – also due to hike in rices of essential supplies – during the festivities.
The agitating Tarai-Madhesh parties today disrupted supplies from the southern plains to pile pressure on the government. However, they forgot that the blockade will only widen their distance with Kathmandu and other region, as their protest will create shortage before the festivals.
Likewise, India has also halted more than 1,000 oil tankers and trucks with essential supplies from entering Nepal to express its dissatisfaction with political parties who didn't take Indian recommendations for the constitution.
Though India's Ministry of External Affairs has said that the Indian government has not prescribed any recommendations, the Indian media published New Delhi's 7-point recommendations to Nepal government.
According to customs officials, around 1,500 oil tankers from India used to enter Nepal every day from the Jogbani Customs Office. But there has been no movement for the past three days, creating shortage in Nepal. Long queues have started forming at petrol pumps as people rush to fill tanks of their bikes and cars fearing prolonged shortage.
Meanwhile, Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has also requested people to use public vehicles to lessen demand for petroleum products.
Due to the disturbance in southern plains – where there are major customs points – since more than last one and half months, revenue mobilisation has plunged by 35 per cent in Bhadra – the second month of the current fiscal year 2015-16, according to the Department of Customs.

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