Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Nepali spends Rs 176 a day: Household Survey

A Nepali spends an average of Rs 176 but earns Rs 205 per day, according to a survey.
The fifth Household Survey conducted by the central bank revealed that daily savings of Nepalis stand at only Rs 29.

The outcomes of survey unveiled in Kathmandu today shows a Nepali family spends an average of Rs 25,928 every month. Average monthly earning of Nepali family is Rs 30,121.
A Nepali family has an average of 4.9 members, according to the census.
The spending pattern of Nepalis also revealed that they spend more on consumption compared to non-consumption. "A family spends Rs 23,883 per month on consumption," the survey reported, adding that their spending on non-consumption comes to an average of Rs 2,045. "The spending pattern of the rural and urban populace is not very much different in non-consumption."
The rural populace spends Rs 2,024 per month on non-consumption, whereas the urban populace spends Rs 2,063, according to the survey. However, rural families spend Rs 20,904 per month on consumption, compared to Rs 26,411 by urban families. The total spending of an urban family comes to Rs 28,474 per month, whereas a rural family spends a total of only Rs 22,928, making a difference of Rs 5,546 per family spending per month between urban and rural family, the survey revealed.
The survey, which is conducted every 10 years – by the central bank – to study income and expenditure pattern, has used Acquisition Approach. It has also included domestic production, barter, and gifts and service under consumption of goods and services.
Both the urban and rural family spends the most on food and non-alcoholic drinks, whereas they spend the least on alcohol, cigarette, and tobacco. The spending on house rent, water, gas, electricity and other fuels comes second both for urban and rural families.
Meanwhile, the central bank has also changed the weightage of food and non-food items for the calculation of Consumer Price Index (CPI) that is used to reflect inflation. The new weightage calculation will come into effect from the current fiscal year, Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) said.

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