Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shareholders of Bishal Bazaar Company gain

Except for the shareholders of trading sub-group, all others lost this week.
After a long time Bishal Bazaar Company saw its 324-unit shares being traded on Thursday to push the trading sub-group's index up by 8.57 points to 290.35 points. Bishal Bazaar's shares were traded between Rs 3,213 (maximum) and Rs 3,150 (minimum) making a total of Rs 1,029,060 transaction. The shareholders gained Rs 100 as the shares last time were traded at Rs 3,100.
Of the total nine sub-groups, two sub-groups -- manufacturing and others -- did not see any changes in their indices as manufacturing sub-group did not see its shares being traded throughout the week whereas others group had a rollercoaster ride before closing at 646.19 points equal to the last week's closing.
The shareholders of commercial banks, development banks, finance companies, hydropower, insurance companies and hotels have to wait for a couple of weeks to get better prices for their scrips as investors' have not gained confidence yet.
Though the Nespe dropped by only a minimal 0.68 point -- to close at 683.71 points from last week's closing of 684.39 points -- the transaction amount dropped by a whopping 75.79 per cent to Rs 230.97 million against last week's increase of 176 per cent to Rs 953.93 million.
The sensitive index also lost 0.32 point to 183.64 points from 183.96 points. Similarly, the float index also shed 0.23 point to close at 66.03 points from last week's closing of 66.25 points. Similarly, the contribution of Group-A companies also plunged to 14.38 per cent against last week's 46.99 per cent.
The top performers of this week are NCC Bank (with Rs 30.70 million), Bank of Kathmandu (with Rs 14.62 million), Standard Chartered Bank Nepal (with Rs 13.48 million), Citizens Bank International (with Rs 12.82 million) and Nepal SBI Bank (with Rs 10.71 million).
National Hydropower company topped the chart in terms of share units traded as its 1,11,000-unit of shares changed hands, whereas Nepal Express Finance topped the chart in terms of number of transactions with 563 transactions.
The sole secondary market this week also added 175,71,593-unit rights shares of Nepal Investment Bank, Siddhartha Development Bank, Infrastructure Development Bank and Pokhara Finance.

Trading sub-group
KATHMANDU: Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) has listed only four companies -- Salt Trading Corporation, Bishal Bazaar Company, Nepal Trading Ltd and Nepal Welfare Company Ltd -- under trading sub-group. Bishal Bazaar Company has listed its 4,91,400-unit shares at Rs 100 per unit face value making it to a total of Rs 49,140,000. Similarly, Salt Trading Corporation has liated 247,777-unit shares at the face value of Rs 100 per unit making it to a total of Rs 24,777,700. Nepal Trading Ltd has listed its 50,000-unit shares at Rs 50 per unit paid up making it to a Rs 2,500,000 and Nepal Welfare Company has listed its 41,000-unit shares for Rs 50 paid up per unit making it to a total of Rs 2,050,000. The trading sub-group has a total of 830,177-unti shares worth Rs 78,467,700.

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