Monday, December 12, 2022

Melamchi water wash Kathmandu roads

One can say its a ‘cursed’ project but it is no different from any other projects of the country, and is quite common phenomenon Nepal, after 30 years Kathmanduites are yet to get the chance to drink the Melamchi water.

After a lots of dilemma the project was preparing to distribute the water, bursting of the pipe of Melamchi Water Project in Lainchaur today hit the plan and caused inconvenience to the regular traffic and pedestrians.

Former Prime Minister late Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, one of the founders of the Nepali Congress (NC) would have been happy to see the Melamchi water flooding Lainchaur road, as he, one of the dreamers of Melamchi Water Project, wanted to wash the Kathmandu roads with Melamchi waters. He was mocked by the opposition then, and Melamchi Water Project is mocking Nepalis even today.

The leakage in the pipes later led to burst in the afternoon and flooded the Lainchaur roads, confirmed, spokesperson at the Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Ltd (KUKL) Prakash Kumar Rai.

The pipe of the Melamchi project, which was laid under the main road near the Department of Mines and Geology,  burst, causing the road to collapse, and resulted in heavy traffic. Pedestrians have also been affected badly.

“As we got the news, we have closed the water supply to the area,” he said, adding that the reason for the burst is due to a lack of proper testing of the pipe before the water supply was resumed. “Those pipelines should have been tested, before the water supply was done.”

But he was unable to clarify, who should have tested the pipelines, and who failed their duty leading to the mockery of the mega project. But he claimed that the KUKL had started distributing drinking water supplied by the Melamchi Drinking Water Project, temporarily, to the Kathmanduites from Friday, four days ago.

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