Sunday, December 4, 2022

Around 42,000 MT of chemical fertiliser in stock, claims government

The government claimed that there is adequate chemical fertilizer for crop plantations for this season. 

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development (MoALD), there is around 42,000 metric tonnes (MT) of chemical fertiliser in depots of the state-owned organisations across the country. 

The spokesperson of ministry Prakash Kumar Sanjel today confirmed that there is enough availability of fertiliser at present. Some 86,246 MT of chemical fertiliser has been sold and distributed in four months – from mid-July to mid-November – of the current fiscal year and some 42,981 MT of fertiliser is still available, he said, adding that of the total stock, some 21,763 MT urea, some 19,286 MT are di-ammonium phosphate (DAP) and remaining around 1,932 MT potassium is in the stock.

Krishi Samagri Company (Agriculture Inputs Company Ltd) has some 35,499 MT and Salt Trading Corporation (STC) has some 7,534 MT of fertiliser in stock. “Krishi Samagri Company has 15,179 MT of urea, some 18,432 MT of DAP and some 1,837 MT potash. Likewise, STC has some 6,584 MT urea, some 854 MT DAP and some 95 MT potash in its stock.”

However, farmers face shortage of fertilizers every year during the plantation season, also due to mismanagement of the stocks and delay in imports. Due to lack of timely fertilizer, the 'agriculture country' Nepal has been cursed to import billions of agriculture produces every year to feed its population.

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