Sunday, December 31, 2017

Nepal features on British travel agents’ best holiday destination list

Nepal is featured on British travel agents’ best holiday destination list for 2018.
The Association of British Travel Agents' has published a list of 12 best holiday destinations for 2018. "The destinations picked from around the world are expected to be in high demand among Britishers next year," according to the report.
Those named best destinations on the list besides Nepal are Argentina, Arizona, British Columbia, Germany, Malta, Montenegro, New Zealand, Rwanda, St Lucia, Sweden and Turkey.
“The locations were picked for several key reasons including unique travel experience, something special is happening in 2018," it reads, adding that there is easy accessibility for British tourists or the destination is s a well-known with hidden gems.
Meanwhile, the report predicts that vacations will remain a spending priority from British citizens in the new year despite the weakening pound and wider economic issues over the past year.

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