Sunday, September 17, 2017

More women are working in Nepal

Nepali women are gradually climbing up in the job map comparatively more among the South Asian countries.
A World Bank paper reveals that the female workforce is rising in most parts of the world and so is in Nepal. In Nepal, women labour force employment is 79.9 per cent while in Bangladesh it is 57.4 per cent. In India 27 per cent of working age women were employed and in Pakistan the number stands at 24.6 per cent in 2015-16, the papers reads, adding that China – with its powerhouse economy – has 64 per cent of its women working, one of the highest rates in the world. "In the US, it is over 56 per cent."
Apart from parts of the Arab world, everywhere else more women are working.
The World Bank paper – by Luis Andres and colleagues – revealed that whether married or unmarried, whether Dalit, Adivasi or from the upper caste, whether illiterate or college graduates, women from all sections were increasingly not working in India.

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