Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Government to re-measure Mt Everest

Amid reports of change in height after 2015 devastating earthquake, the government is – for the first time – going to re-measure the height of the Mt Everest on its own.
The devastating earthquake of 2015 has – according to the geologists – changed the height of the world's highest peak to make it a little shorter.
"The Department of Survey will re-measure the height of Mt Everest," according to director general of the Department Ganesh Prasad Bhatta.
"The department possesses all the technical know-how for measuring the height of the mountain and we will bear the cost on our own," he said, adding that the department has estimated that it would take two years' for a complete survey. "It has also estimated a budget of Rs 250 million."
Nepal – home to Mt Everest and also half the world's 14 highest mountains – has not measured the height of the Mt Everest on its own till date. The height of the peak was last determined at 8,848 metres in 1954 by Survey of India. However, some Western climbers use the height of 8850 metre determined in 1999 by the National Geographic Society and Boston's Museum of Science, in a survey that used satellite-based technology to measure the peak.
In 2005 Chinese mountaineers and researchers put its height at 8844.43 metres. The Chinese team concluded that the height of the Mt Everest is 8,844.43 metres on the basis of the rock without taking into account the snow covering the mountain peak. However, the government has taken the snow as the basis for measuring the height. "The base of measuring the height will be Indian mean sea level," he added.
"There are reports that changes are noticed in the height of the Mt Everest due to the recent earthquakes, he said, adding that the department is conducting the survey of the Everest on our own. "The department is currently working on preparing infrastructure such as acquiring equipment for the survey."
Likewise, deputy director general Niraj Manandhar, who is directly involved in conducting the survey, said that the survey will start after preparation of necessary infrastructure within the current fiscal year.
The US and Chinese teams have given different heights of the Mt Everest, sparking controversy, and also pressuring the government to re-measure the height so as to ascertain the correct height. 

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