Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Nepal is 33rd most fragile state

Fund For Peace (FFP) – a Washington-based research and educational institution – has ranked Nepal as the 33rd most fragile state in the world.
Nepal with 91.2 points ranked 33rd most fragile state in the Fragile States Index (FSI) published by Fund For Peace. Nepal was ranked 36th in the index last year.
Afghanistan tops the list among the South Asian countries with 9th position, whereas Pakistan is second most fragile South Asian countries with 14th position in the index. India is ranked 70th while Maldives is the least fragile country at 91st rank.
The ranking – based on the indicators of risk and thousands of articles and reports that is re processed by the institution’s software from electronically available sources – has African country Somalia at the top of the Fragile State Index followed by South Sudan and Central African Republic, according to the Fund for Peace that has placed Sudan and Yemen in the top five most fragile countries list.
The index has ranked Finland as the most sustainable country in the list with first position, followed by Norway, New Zealand, Denmark and Switzerland.

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